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Asteroid Terrorism first became popular in early 2120, Asteroid Terrorists would re-direct an asteroid into a nearby colony or starship. Normally these would be stopped by local United Nations Anti-Terrorism Units, but on some occasions cannot be stopped as in the 2140 Incident over Port Flores.

Port FloresEdit

Port Flores was once a lush garden world in the Gliese 876 star system. The attack was well co-ordinated, on April 4th 2140 a terrorist organization set off a distress beacon in the far side of the systems asteroid belt, meanwhile as the UNAT Units set off the terrorists made their move and began towing the 3km asteroid known as Asteroid X329b and ditched it in the orbit of Port Flores, as the UNAT finally realized that the distress call was a fake it was too late for them to respond, thus upon their arrival the asteroid had decimated the colony world.