37,583 BCE

Korosani Race die out in swift galactic extinction caused by Intra-Galactic Nuclear Conflict

36,593 BCE

Alaton IX, Korosani homeworld is destroyed by unstable weapons of mass destruction which also the radiation claims all its fifty-four moons except Aegis

11,593 BCE

Golorai and Annash Diplomatic Ships construct Niron Station, at 55.7km it is the largest construct ever built in space

10,005 BCE

Council is Formed

9,438 BCE

Borham’Il join Council

7,798 BCE

Servash War begins, after San’Eshan forces attempt to liberate council worlds.

6,511 BCE

Servash War ends with the failed attempt to capture Niron Station by San’Eshan Militia.

3,129 BCE

Canacoroi wage war against San’Eshan, this act earns them a seat on the Council.

2,855 BCE

Err’Okish and Ni’Ahora races are forced into military labour by San’Eshan Military Forces

1,584 BCE

Second Failed attempt to capture Niron Station by San’Eshan and Err’Okish races

1,345 BCE

Third Failed attempt, Abdelodian Military Cruiser Yandol's Abyss sacrificed to kill the hostiles

382 BCE

Vulcan join Council

1 CE

Salaaium, a Golorai Homeworld is attacked by Ni’Ahoran Militia

1458 CE

Chuvash Join Council

1895 CE

Volmvumikan War, United San’Eshan Clans fight on homeworld Jarraharos

1969 CE

Humans become a space faring civilization

2041 CE

Mars becomes the first human colony

2140 CE

Port Flores attacked by terrorists


Humans join council


Balashan, Golorai homeworld invaded by unknown aliens


July 4th - Niron Station Destroyed

September 11th - Earth Invaded


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