Eros is a large colony world in the Leviathan System of the Petra Nebula. It has two moons, Etamis and Golae both of which have never been properly surveyed.

Notable LocationsEdit

Kappa Boulevard - Eros' answer to Hollywood, Earth

Absca Square - Large Shopping Court

Sirona Memorial - Memorial to Counciler Elias Sironas Snr. (Not to be mistaken for current counciller Elias Sironas Jr. his son)

Nexus Beach - Popular mile long beach

Factory District - Large Factories in this district including Ontarom Technologies.

Orion Shopping Centre - Large Shopping Centre in the north of the city

Eros Starport - Starport in situated on the banks of Lake Patashi

Eros Souviners - Small shop on Antigua Boulevard

New Columbia - Second Largest City after Eros City.

Capital Eros City
Population 13,583,128
UNM Strength

15,000 Men and Women


  • Jorge Polaris was born in New Columbia, Eros

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