The Galactic News Network or Service was created in 2045 by Nelan Intra Connections Services to help aid the growing demand for galactic news and to pass on information at faster than light speeds.

The main hub worlds of GNN are Earth, Mars, Arcadia and Iroquios. All of which broadcast a series of different programmes such as the popular Battle Galaxy and the famously renounced Galactic Politics Channel.

Known Anchormen/Anchorwomen Edit

Remi Belize - Arcadian News

Kim Cheung - Martian News

Liam Jerrod - Lunar News

Leslie Jones - Earth News

Caitlin Cole - Iroquios News

Battle Galaxy Edit

Battle Galaxy first started in 2140 in the aftermath of the Port Flores Asteroid Disaster and has continued to intrest its viewers racking in a wopping 42.6 Billion Credits every year with over 47% of the Human and Annash Colonists tuning in every thursday evening. Sarah Kolis is the lead correspondent for Battle Galaxy and has been awarded for numerous acts of bravery and talent in and around the battle fields.


The number of viewers increases by a few hundred million every month and has continued so since 2202 which has made the total of 13.5 Billion people watch GNN every day in 2283.

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