Mars Laboratories

Mars Laboratories is a privatley run synthetic technologies brand located and run on Mars. It was founded on Mars in 2047 by trillionaire scientist Winston Gerald Omara IV, he single handedly ran experiments on his children and work colleagues to try and subject a synthetic mind to a organic mind. However he was stopped and charged with crimes against humanity when he released a bio-weapon in Argentina in 2063 which killed 2% of the population, the facility was shut down for sixty years and re-opened on the day of Winstons Omara's funeral.

The company is now run by seven facilities all tasked with different operations called cells, Cell Three or Operation Prometheus is the only running facility in 2283 and is controlled by Dr. Andrej Baronova, the facility was in charge of monitoring the effects of synthetic individuals in the events of major catastrophe. The cell created a unit known as Alice Townsend or UNIT-2542386967363 Alphanumeric of to her name, this unit went rogue and is now incharge of a large division in the Confederate Synthetic Army.


Valles Academy/Cell 3 - In Charge of Operation Prometheus in 2250

Jontum Academy/Cell 7 - In Charge of Operation Kalidescope in 2207

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