Niron interior

Niron Station is a massive deep space station built by the Golorai and the Annash exactly 13,593 years ago. It is the central point of commerce, trade, culture and politics in the galaxy.

Niron Station is controlled by the Galactic Council which consists of six councillers all from different races.


Docking Bay E58Edit

This is the docking bay for Stealth Class Frigates of the United Nations Military Command.

Docking Bay C20Edit

The docking bay for Heavy Capital Ships of the UNMC and the United Jelvaro Military.

Abascus SquareEdit

Shopping Courtyard, houses a solcom store and a Cyost Armoury store.

Council ChambersEdit

The main meeting point for the councillers.


Houses the embassies for all the Council Races.

Coup Attempts Edit

Several coup attempts have happened since Niron Station was first created. Three of them were major events which included a full scale military assault on the station by San'Eshan, Err'Okish and Ni'Ahoran races.

The first was by San'Eshan it consisted of nine failed attempts to board the station and ended with the loss of only one Golorai Frigate.

The second attempt was a joint attack by San'Eshan and Err'Okish armies. This time they boarded the station but were unable to capture it.

Thirdly the largest planned attack was by San'Eshan, Err'Okish and the Ni'Ahoran militaries. They were only sucsessful in boarding the station until the Cuvashian cruiser Yantols Abyss slammed into the station and killed all of the hostilites.

The other four were small scale attempts by criminal organizations and one by a rogue synthetic.

Destruction of Niron StationEdit

The destruction of Niron station happened on the 4th of July 2282 with the Battle of Niron Station thousands of Ahoran Ground Forces boarded Niron Station with a Sub-Atomic Neutron Bombs which tore the station into pieces. All thirty-two million people aboard the station died in the result and the galactic economy was destroyed.

UNS Upham Station replaced this as a galactic hub of commerce and politics.