The United Nations Military Command Mako Class Cruiser Everest is the most advanced vessel in Council Space. Construction was started by Helyme-Ionov Shipping Yards on Yangtze-IV in 2165 and was commisioned on the 1st of January 2170.


2170 - 2182

Captain John Edwin Carter

2182 - 2197

Captain Jane Shepard

2197 - 2215

Captain Samuel Emmanuel

2215 - 2232

Captain Brandon Vance Reynolds

2232 - 2248

Captain Erika Denise Smith

2248 - 2275

Captain Elton Carlson

2275 - 2281

Captain Louise Anne Moss

2281 -

Captain John Kevin Farral

Service HistoryEdit


Battle of Fargone


Skirmish at Caracalla


Battle of Ghesandra


Second Battle of Ghesandra


Battle of Ajir


Battle of Luna


Reclaimation of Balashan


Reclaimation of Earth

Missing in Deep SpaceEdit

After the Reclaimation of Earth, the UNS Everest was reported to have lost primary power which is strange when travelling at Faster than Light speeds, because primary power can only be disengaged if the ships AI has malfunctioned or the use of directed Energy Weapons on board the ship.

The last recorded sighting of the Everest was when it was near the Sol Jump Portal.

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